2019 is here, can you believe it? We are excited for a new year full of new possibilities!

What have we been up to, you ask?


Well, lately we have been getting a bit of a face lift around here at Mt. Hood Adult Day Center. Fresh paint on the walls and a new outdoor courtyard is underway. Back in September we also got our entire parking lot completely redone as well. We (and the transportation drivers) could not be happier with the upgrade. The Christmas decorations are slowly being taken down this year as we reflect on all the changes (positive, of course) and upgrades we have been working on.


The last few months have been busy, but check out the January Newsletter to see what we have coming up…

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest can be ever changing, but since we are in the midst of our winter months, here is our Inclement Weather policy as a reminder for participants, families and guests!

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Alisha Van Lom

Program Director



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