National Root Beer Float Day, August 6th, 2018! Who doesn’t love a good reason for a root beer float? Or a party for that matter…

Root Beer Floats are definitely one of those treats I don’t do often, but when I do I realize how delicious they are!


Mt. Hood Adult Day Center always loves a good reason to throw a party. Check out how much fun we had, all for the love of Root Beer Floats…..

Mt. Hood Adult Day Center invites the community to come out for a visit often. We always encourage family members and caregivers to come out as well, especially for a special occasion like a party or when we are hosting one of our monthly musical performers. We like to have quarterly events that include any and everyone. We frequently will post them in our monthly newsletter and enjoy when new friends and community partners come out to visit.

Here’s a PRO TIP we shared on our Facebook page;¬†You don’t have to wait until National Root beer Float day to have a Root beer float. Treat yourself!


– Alisha Van Lom, Program Director



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