Coffee Anyone?

Who doesn’t love just sitting with a warm cup of coffee gently nestled in your hands; getting used to the idea of being awake and deciding on how you will spend the day?  Here at Mt. Hood Adult Day Center, we start our day out as most of us would love to; by taking the time to hold a warm cup of coffee in our hands, sipping slowly, being present and thankful for just the perfect blend of sugar and creamer.  We start conversations with whomever and for whatever reason; touching base with friends.  Once we know our dear friends are fine, we reach out further in our community.  We start looking at the local newspaper.

Some of us haven’t even held a newspaper in days or to some; years.    We each take a section of the newspaper and do our morning “read and report”. Yes, we have to decide who gets what section first and why, we have to compromise, we have to wait.  We wait for the magic to happen!  We sometimes read aloud or sometimes silently; and summarize the article we find interesting.  We try to find the good news of the paper, and yes sometimes it is quite an investigative process!   We then move onto the more important stuff…the horoscopes and Dear Amy.  To outsiders it may look like we are just doing nothing but sitting…getting used to being up and at em for the day, but we are doing so much more than that!

On Friday, I will site excerpts from Sebastian Wren, Ph.D., entitled The Brain and Reading.  My guess after reading this, a little light may be shed on what those people just “sitting around” are actually getting out of that horoscope they are reading.  Stay tuned!  You just might be surprised!

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