Gardening Club

Gardening Club meets every Wednesday in the afternoon here at Mt. Hood Adult Day Center. We also have added floral arranging to the Monday schedule since everyone loves to get their hands dirty. These clubs allow the participants to explore horticulture and nature topics of all sorts.

Also known as Horticultural Therapy, Gardening club engages the senses and evokes memories. Participants work toward a common goal of growing plants/food gives which gives a sense of pride and accomplishment. They also have a chance to learn new information as well as share insight and their own knowledge on the topic.

We enjoy our raised garden beds that outline our outdoor area where we can spend time with friends. Everyone enjoys sitting in the outdoors and chatting with others on a nice warm day. Check out a few pictures of the outdoor garden beds over the years.


Gardening at Home!

Planting potatoes is one of our favorite gardening activities that we do at the center, and can easily be done at home:

1) Purchase potato starts at your local garden center. Choose potatoes that have at least three “eyes” which is where the stalk will sprout from.

2) Save your egg shells and grind them up into a fine powder. Cut your potato into three pieces, making sure each piece has an eye and dip flesh of potato in egg shell powder.

3) Plant your starts in soil in a burlap bag or other container that can block light.

4) Periodically add enough soil to cover. Water regularly.

5) Harvest can take 70-100 days depending on the type of potato.

Here are some pictures of the potatoes we’ve grown and harvested in the past!


Happy Gardening!


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