We are pleased to announce that Julie will be leading our Memories in the Making watercolor class coming up in July! Be on the lookout to sign-up your loved one.

Don’t know what Memories in the Making watercolor art class is? Check below for details…


Julie is one of our beloved caregivers here at Mt. Hood Adult Day Center. She was recently promoted as our Activities Coordinator, after working here for about 2 years. We love the spice and creativity she brings to the table. Julie is an artist at heart and has been drawing since she was a child. She enjoys all creative mediums such as working with acrylic and water color paints. A paint technique she enjoys known as “Dirty Pours”. Check out some of her art work below…

Julie loves taking photos with friends, participants and team members alike when having fun at the center.


In her spare time Julie is a licensed skydiver and spends time with her husband and son at the local skydiving locations around the pacific northwest. She has been skydiving for 7 years. Another fun fact is that she has skydived in all 4 corners of the United States, which has been a long time goal of hers. 

MEMORIES IN THE MAKING: Watercolor Art Group

Memories in the Making is an art program by the Alzheimer’s Association, it provides people living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia a forum to express themselves through watercolor painting and drawing.  Memories in the Making is led by a trained artist who opens up a world of art  in a safe place to reminisce, create and relax. Creativity and fun are the primary focus. All materials are included and no previous  art experience is needed. Classes will be starting in July, hosted here at Mt. Hood Adult Day Center. Be on the lookout for the flyer to be posted in the next couple months, or call with any questions 503-512-7373.

Some art work from previous classes is showcased below.


We hope you enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

-Alisha Van Lom

Program Director



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